Even though quilt was the method used by all over the world. Until the past few years, a Hawaiian Quilt was, by definition made in Hawaii, by Hawaiians, using traditional designs, materials and methods. Due to its process of unique production, visitors to islands usually saw and admired the quilts in only museums or native Hawaiian people’s home.

In the quilt industry, the concept of massive production is impossible. Therefore, finding descent number of “master quilters” is one of the most challenging goals in the quilt business.

CJ Trading, has been quilt wholesaler in Hawaii for past 8 years working with Philippines. Our goal always been to not only provide an income stream for the women involved in the quilt making process in the Philippines, but also to make their exquisite product available to the world at a reasonable cost.

Our proven design, quality and price for Hawaiian quilt are one of the best in Hawaii. Our three-factory production line at three different locations in Philippines always has been reliable and punctual.

CJ Trading wants to invite the world to enjoy the art of Hawaiian Quilt at affordable price. Please contact us to find out the product detail.


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